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SVMS Homework Guidelines

Scotts Valley Middle School is committed to the learning and success of our students.  We believe that homework is a crucial component of the learning process.  Homework should be relevant, appropriate, and applicable to individual student progress and needs. It is the goal of Scotts Valley Middle School that students achieve autonomy to be strong self-advocates, self-reliant and problem solvers as they transition to high school.


*Expected amount of time for completion:  Expected completion times will vary student by student.  Should a student or parent be concerned about the amount of time focused on homework, parents are encouraged to schedule a team meeting with your child’s teacher. The amount of time and how often homework is assigned will be agreed upon by both subject area and grade levels. No new assignments will be assigned the day before a weekend or holiday breaks, nor will these assignments have a due date upon the day of return from weekends or vacation breaks.  This does not apply to long-term projects with extended due dates. Academy teams will make every effort to avoid overlap of major due dates and assessments.


*Expected parent participation in the homework process:  It is the hope of Scotts Valley Middle School staff that parents will monitor student progress as it relates to completion, progress and comprehension. Please notify the teacher if your child is consistently having trouble completing their homework and/or spending an excessive amount of time.


*Progress Information provided to families:  Teachers will regularly update grades using the Illuminate Information System.  Homework assignments and project due dates will be posted on the SVMS website.  Students and families have access to both of these platforms at all times.  It is the expectation of the SVMS faculty that these platforms serve as notification of a student’s progress. Teachers will update grades weekly.


*Make-up work:   Assignments turned in after the due date, within that unit of study or within the trimester in which it was assigned (whichever happens first), will receive reduced credit as outlined in the grade level syllabus. When a student has an excused absence, he/she may turn in work, for full credit, based on a “one for one” basis (if the student is absent one day, he/she may have one extra day upon return to turn in school work).  Students completing work via a pre-approved, Short-Term Independent Study contract must turn in all work on the first date of return.*  


*this may not pertain to students with identified special needs education plans.