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Seabright Syllabus

Scotts Valley Middle School


Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  This is expected to be a year of many new opportunities for learning, change, creating positive new habits, and great memories!  Please take a moment to read through the following information with your student and talk with them regarding this information.   



Mrs. Christine Erskine

Ms. Michelle Menchaca



SVMS (831) 438 – 0610 or

Accelerated Reader



•Check School Loop nightly for assignments, classroom and school news.

• Record and review  information in your Binder Reminder for weekly homework.  Be sure to check Illuminate and the school website weekly.

• Bring to class the following supplies daily: binder, binder paper, Binder Reminder, pen, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, and a pencil sharpener.

• Always write with complete sentences, and R the Q (restate part of the question in your answer).

• When absent, you are still required to read all assigned materials and complete all make-up work (check School Loop for homework and check in with your teacher for missed classroom  assignments)

• Utilize your time in Enrichment period to get caught up on late or absent work or get help from your subject teachers.



• Expect nightly homework.

• Check your student’s completed work.

• Print out the week’s assignments from the school website (School Loop).

• Check Illuminate each week for graded/missing assignments.



• Work will be provided for students when they return from an absence.

• Available to help students during Enrichment period.

• Grades updated weekly on Illuminate.

• Assignments updated on School Loop weekly and listed on classroom board for the week.

• Large assignments are broken down.



• Must be legible to be graded. Proofread your assignments for spelling and punctuation errors.

• Each assignment must have a first and last name, class period, and date, in the upper left hand corner.

• In math, students must show all of their work and explanations, and correct missed answers for full credit.

• Students must write with complete sentences for full credit.

• Homework is immediately due upon entering the classroom.

-All assignments  turned in one day late will drop in points/grade.  




HISTORY Ms. Menchaca   

Course Outline: History is the study of Ancient Civilizations from Prehistoric times up through 500 AD embedded with the  National Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  We study eight different units in the sixth grade.  Projects such as partner festival reports are used to make the history come alive for the students.  The history book is used as a resource with a comprehensive test at the end of each unit.


ENGLISH  Ms. Menchaca

Course Outline: Class will follow the National Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Language Arts is the study of self-expression through written and spoken work. Year-long activities include: journal response writing, spelling, vocabulary development, interpretation of literature, discussion and writings, grammar, presentation skills and editing skills. In addition there are writing projects designed to tie in with a history unit to help students synthesize the material better while learning different writing styles.

        Expectations for writers include: Use binder paper rather than torn pages from a spiral-bound notebook, use blue or black ink or #2 pencils for handwritten work, final writing assignments MUST be typed or written neatly in pen, use a simple 12-point font for type written work, typed papers must be double-spaced, essays and research papers must be typed, YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES! (See your Binder Reminder for examples), assignments will need to be re-done if they are not legible or torn from spiral bound notebooks, and you will lose credit if you choose to ignore the above guidelines.


Literature is the reading and analysis of novels. The entire class as a whole will read FIVE books this year.  Each novel closely relates to the ancient cultures we study in history.  Silent reading, small and large group readings, discussion, projects and tests will accompany each book.



Math Course Outline: Class will implement the National Common Core State Standards (CCSS) including problem solving, algebraic reasoning, integers, the coordinate plane, number theory, fractions and decimals, proportional relationships, percents, data & statistics, geometric figures, measurement, multiple step equations and inequalities.


Math Homework, Tests & Quizzes:  Homework will be assigned every day Monday through Thursday. All students will write the homework as well as the test and quiz schedules in their binder reminder on Mondays.


Students should not work more than 50min on any night of homework (expected time is 20-30 min, but this varies from student to student). We will go over the homework the next day to clear up misunderstandings or difficult problems.

The homework grade is determined by a "Homework Quiz" given on Fridays. Homework Quizzes contain identical questions from the week's assigned homework. Students should review the homework they completed for the week on Thursdays before taking a Homework Quiz.

Unit/Chapter Tests Quizzes (60% of grade)

Homework Quizzes, Participation, and Notes (40% of grade)


Science Course Outline: Class will implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) including investigating the scientific process, energy, weather and climate, human impact on the environment, climate change, heredity, and the structures and process of organisms. Science is an activity-based class where we will be conducting experiments, researching, presenting, and doing lab activities.


Science Homework, Tests & Quizzes, and Notebook: Students will need to keep an organized science notebook (folder) of class activities, notes, and handouts. It will be used as a study tool for tests and quizzes, as well as graded at the end of each unit. Expect science homework one or two times per week. Every Wednesday students will be given a short quiz on the material we are currently studying. Most quiz questions come from the daily FISH journal questions.  A test will be given at the end of each unit.                                

40% of total grade – tests and quizzes

40% of total grade – assignments (homework, class work, labs and projects)

20% of total grade – notebook


MATH AND SCIENCE Quiz and Test Corrections: Students may correct unit test scores if they have earned a C, D, or F. Corrections will only raise student scores one grade. (Grades can be raised from a C to a B, a D to a C, or a F to a D.) In order to get an A, students must earn it the first time around.


Poor quiz scores can be raised to a C- (70%) by doing corrections to their quiz.


All corrections must have each incorrect problem corrected on a separate paper and fully written out (with work shown). Students may not turn in just a list of answers or write the correct answers on their test/quiz. Corrections are then stapled behind the original test and turned in. Corrections may be completed at home or during Enrichment. Students should use their notes to complete their corrections. The corrections must be completed by the deadline set by the teacher.


Seabright Academy Team time:

Every day between 10:00 & 11:30 Seabright Academy teachers are available to meet with parents should the need arise  Please email us if you would like to set up a meeting.


__________________________________cut here_______________________________

Return to Enrichment teacher


Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read the syllabus for Seabright Academy.  Students should keep the syllabus in their binder and return this signature page by ________________________________ for their first homework assignment (5 points).


I have read and understand the Seabright Academy Syllabus, and I am aware of all rules, grading policies and expectations for SVMS students.


Student Name (Print)                                            Parent Signature __________________________



SVMS 6th Grade Homework Tips for Students and Parents


  • In 6th grade we expect approximately one “working” hour on school work.

  • For Math, have your student stick to a time limit, and then have him/her come to class with questions about homework he/she didn’t understand.

  • If your student needs to take a break every 15 minutes, set a timer, take a break, then set the timer again for another 15 minutes.

  • Plan your week using the SchoolLoop, which is updated at the beginning of each week.

  • Set aside space to work, with all supplies necessary

  • Have student do homework where you can easily supervise.

  • Enrichment is not a time for homework, but it is a time to get extra help on homework or catch up on absent work.

  • Put distractions away during homework time!! Examples can include social media devices, video games, and TV.

  • Don’t forget that 6th graders require good nutrition and rest to function well at school.


Scotts Valley Middle School ENRICHMENT SYLLABUS

Scotts Valley Middle School



All students will participate in an Enrichment period each day.  The school wide expectation is that students who are not working on enrichment or extension projects/activities will be working toward their individual Accelerated Reader (AR) goal.


AR Goals

  • Goals are set to help students improve their reading skills (fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development, and word analysis).

  • Goals are set based on students’ current levels, and the amount of time they will be participating in AR.

  • Students may also spend enrichment time in tutorial groups related to their core subjects.

Materials Needed Daily

  • A reading book at student’s reading level.  

    • In order to earn points, students must choose books at their level that have AR quizzes available.  Levels of books can be found at:

    • It is each student’s responsibility to have his/her next novel selected and ready to read if he/she anticipates finishing his/her current book.

  • Binder paper

  • Writing utensil


  • Grading for Enrichment period is based on the following:

    • AR Goals

    • Participation and Behavior

  • Enrichment grades will be Pass (P) or No Pass (NP).  70% and above will earn a Pass.

  • It is expected that students will participate in their AR independent work or enrichment activities without teacher prompting.  Off task behaviors will result in the loss of daily points and a lowered grade.


Students who do not pass Enrichment for a trimester, will not be allowed to attend the following school dance.

Erskine, Christine
Menchaca, Michelle