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Leadership Calendar

Welcome to SVMS Leadership Class!



The SVMS Leadership class is a trimester long course for students to serve as role models by promoting a positive school environment. Leadership is an activity-based course designed to develop skills in planning and implementing school and community projects. Students will learn various techniques for research, evaluation, communication, organization, promotion, and managerial methods. These techniques will be studied and applied in a real world setting as students carryout school projects.


Course Goals:

  • Make SVMS a place that students look forward to coming to and feel like they are a part of.  

  • Support school spirit! Make students, teachers, staff, and parents proud to be a Dolphin!!

  • Support & Model:  Integrity, Compassion, Achievement, Respect, Engagement

  • Get involved in our school community and the greater community.

  • Use observations, research, communication, and data to help plan activities.

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about positive change.

  • Learn to problem solve and participate in any community of which you become a part.


Course Responsibilities:

As leadership students, you will have daily responsibilities of being active role models in our school community; crafting announcements for the morning bulletin; creating, publicizing, or facilitating  school events; fundraising; and “one on one” communication to the classrooms as needed. Other expectations include contributions to weekly class meetings; time management; organization; publicity/marketing strategies; understanding the importance of active kindness, inclusion, and compassion; positive communication; considering the opinions of your peers; financial accountability; and team building. In order to implement effective leadership, you will engage in evaluation processes, character education, conflict management, goal setting, and career exploration.


Daily Activities and Expectations:

As a member of the Leadership team, you will participate in weekly formal meetings that plan events throughout the year. Other days you will spend the period researching, planning, gathering data, and pitching new activities. You will advertise and implement events as necessary. You will also participate in events outside of the class period such as morning spirit counts, bike to school day, kindness campaigns, fundraisers, assemblies, and lunch spirit activities. This may require time before school, after school, or during lunch. During the trimester, you will plan and implement a spirit or team building activity for the class. You will also be responsible for observing and researching a problem and coming up with a positive activity towards awareness and a solution. You are expected to clean up completely after all in class and outside of class activities.


Grades Based on the following:


75% Daily Expectations

On task at all times.

On time.

Meet deadlines.

Motivate others in a positive manner.

Set good example of behavior and attitude.

Communicate effectively and with courtesy - verbally and in writing.

Considerate of school learning environment - work responsibly outside of class.

Clean up! All supplies organized, put away, and ready for the next task; all trash in trash and recyclables in the recycle bin. Leave the classroom and the campus better than you arrived!

Class Meetings (part of Daily Expectations Grade)

Follow class meeting procedures and respect assigned roles.

Listen and consider other student ideas and reports.

Speak and contribute but respectfully and only when called on by meeting leader.  

Sample Daily Assignments:

Class Activity (by Schedule on Wednesdays) With a partner, plan and manage at least one class activity or game that builds teamwork, academic review, or a trial of a spirit activity for analysis.

Research for activities.

Observe and research problems and come up with a positive activity towards awareness and a solution. 

Helpful Video: How to Create a PSA

Create a Middle School Appropriate Music playlist that is fun, inspiring, and festive!  

Present a Career, Brain Research, or Character Video with activity related introductions.

Friday video, article, or speaker that will enhance Leadership Activities.

Contribute to The Dolphin Tides Student newspaper.

Create flyers for upcoming events.

Create posters to advertise events.

Follow through with team projects.

A final team project is due at the end of each term.


25% Projects and Activities

Attend assigned activities and assignments ( 10 points each) You will get a 0 for any missed events - even if it is an excused absence. The activities grade is a cumulative grade that is ongoing. There will be opportunities for bonus participations that are voluntary. This is an opportunity to make up any missed days or earn extra points. 

Show initiative by taking on projects, assignments, or coming up with ideas on your own.

Dependable: follow through with activities and responsibilities.

Demonstrate that you do not need to be reminded or asked.

Quality work: put forth effort needed to do the best job possible.

All public and in class communications are middle school appropriate.

Work as part of the team; put in extra time and effort when needed to help others.

Demonstrate flexibility in handling unexpected situations or problems; keeps a sense of humor; work to quickly solve problems.

You must sign in for spirit counts by 8 am so I know you are present and to get your credit.

Clean up! All supplies organized, put away, and ready for the next task; all trash in trash and recyclables in the recycle bin. Leave the classroom and the campus better than you arrived!


Grade Scale:

Pass 60-100%

No Pass 0-69%


Behavioral Expectations:

Leadership students are held to the highest standards for work and behavior at all times. As school role models and leaders, student will be respectful, tolerant, and courteous of others in and outside of our classroom.


*Support the Class and School  Environment!


*Respect & Courtesy!

*Be Responsible for Your Own Behavior!!


As a Scotts Valley Middle School Leader I will:


1. Focus on making SVMS a spirited and welcoming place for ALL students


2. Be a role Model for ALL students at SVMS throughout the day, not just during leadership class.


3. Follow through with assigned jobs and tasks including being where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing.


4. Collaborate and communicate respectfully.


5. Clean up completely after every class, activity, or project.


My parents/guardians and I have read the above syllabus and leadership contract. We understand and accept the responsibilities outlined.

Please Confirm by filling out this google form link.

Google Classroom

Class Codes


4th Period:  8rg778

5th Period:  ctwy186

Leadership Focus:

1st Trimester: School Spirit

2nd Trimester: Kindness

3rd Trimester: Global Solutions