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2018-2019 Schedule of Events!

JANUARY 18th, 2019!

The gym doors will open at 5:30.

Ticket sales start at 5pm @ $5.00 per ticket

(write your name and phone # on your ticket and deposit into raffle box for a chance to win ??? donations by the teams)

Dolphin Diner open from 5 to 7:15 (PATIO)

Tony and Albas Pizza, Drinks and Water 

Please NO FOOD or DRINKS (except water) in the gym!


5:50 Teams Gym Entrance & National Anthem

6:00 6th Grade Girls Team vs. 6th Grade Boys Team

6:20 8th Grade Girls Team vs.Staff Team

6:45 Half Time: Lion King(6:47)  Performers and Soccer (6:57)

7:08 7th Grade Girls vs 7th Grade Boys Team

7:28 8th Grade Boys Team vs Staff Team

Come join the fun in this family fundraiser in our beautiful new gym!

Jam in Jan 2015
Jam in Jan 2015
R U Tuff Enuf?
2012 Jammin January Staff Players
2012 Jammin January Staff Players

Thank you to all the parents, participants, volunteers, coaches, referees Mike Kanner, Mike Fletcher who helped make this 2017 Jam in January such a fun success!  Thank you to SVHS for use of their facilities this year!

We could not have done it without you!

Once again, Covello and Covello came out to take pictures of the on the link and purchase what you want!

Thank you Erik Fingal

2017 Jam in January DETAILS!

2017 Schedule:

Doors open at 5 pm

Come and enjoy a night of great entertainment, fun games, prizes and good food in support of SVMS. 

Game times:
 National anthem @ 5:30
6th grade game starts at 5:45
8th grade boys vs. staff at 6:10
7th grade game starts at 6:35
8th grade girls vs. staff 7:10
8th grade game starts at 7:42

A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated and helped make the 2016 SVMS JAM IN JANUARY such a fun family event!  We all had a blast and look forward to next year!  Click on the link for pictures by Covello and Covello!  Order through them at:


Eric Fingal
Covello and Covello Photography
303 Potrero Suite 40-D
Santa Cruz, California  95060