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Class Code: cs3d0n

Jacobson Math 7

Daily Assignments Math 7

Week 23:

2/11: Percents and Equation Introduction Practice w. sheet

2/12: Percents and word problems

2/13: More Percent Practice Khan Academy 20 minutes

2/15: Short shopping quiz - you may try again next week for full credit if you do not pass today!

Percent Challenge Problems*

Weekend Extra Credit: President’s Day Weekend & shopping extra credit assignment link


Week 22: Finish Khan Academy Inequalities by Friday

2/4:5.1.1/9-13 class 1-8

2/5: 5.1.2/18-22 class 14-17

2/6: number sense w/ percents

2/7: 7.1.2/21-26

2/8: Poster for 5-d process 6.2.5/103 and retake for inequalities test


Week 21

1/28: When to reverse the sign! Solving by multiplication and division

1/29: 2-Step Inequalities

1/30:  Inequalities - graphing and context & begin solving

1/31: Quiz inequalities

2/1: Super bowl Math Sample Space,Probability, & Compound Probabilities


Week 20:

1/21: Happy Martin Luther King Holiday

1/22: Review in class hw: 5.3.3/123-127

1/23: Taxi Cab Problem

1/24: 5-D 5.3.3 in class pg 293/ 115, 117,120 (Challenge: 121)

(Hw: cpm 5.3.2 pg 292/110-114 (make a tree diagram for 110))

1/25: MARS Test- 7th Grade Benchmark


Week 19:

1/14: Proportions and Solving Equations: Cross Products are equal!

1/15: Proportions and Similar Figures

1/16: Inequalities basics

1/17: 2-step equations word problem worksheet

1/18: Quiz Solving Equations or Poster day



Week 18: Happy New Year!

1/8: 2-step equations

1/9: Solving Equations Cornell notes

1/10: 6.1.1/ 1-5 and 6-11

1/11: Solving more complex Equations

1/12: Quiz Solving Equations



Week 17:

12/17: Solving Equations going for One positive X by creating zeros pairs

12/18: Solving Equations going for One positive X by division to create equal groups of one X

12/19: Solving Proportions worksheet or combining like terms using perimeter

12/20: Happy Holiday Math worksheet

12/21: Math Carols 4 Candy Canes

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!


Week 16: Khan Academy Assignments listed 

12/10: 4.3.2&3/90& 107 in class

Distributive and Factoring Area Model w.sheet

12/11: Mixed Practice w. Sheet or Khan Academy

12/12: 6.1.1/ 1-5 and 6-11

12/13: Solving Equations going for zeros and ones

12/14: Quiz on Rewriting Expressions 



Week 15: Come in at lunch if you would like to make quiz corrections for a better grade. 

12/3: 4.3.1/75-78,80

12/4: 4.3.2&3/90& 107 in class

Distributive w.sheet

12/5: 4.3.3/105,106 hw:108,112(area only),113,117

12/6: Combining terms w.sheet

12/7: Quick Quiz and Hour of Code


Week 14: Start of Trimester 2!

11/26: Proportion Tables and Fractions w. Sheet HW: CPM 4.2.4: 61-64,66


11/27: 4.2.4 The constant of proportionality and the proportion web posters in class HW: Khan Academy Constant of Proportionality (70%) and 4.2,4: 60, 67


11/28:Proportion w. Sheet and unit rates HW: Khan Academy: Rates and Proportional Relationships Quiz 2 (as practice) 4.2.4:65,68,69


11/29: Proportion w. Sheet mixed practice


11/30: Proportions Test- one task and online mixed


Welcome to Seventh Grade Math!

Curriculum Based On California State Standards

Math 7: Ratios and Proportional Relationship, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Percents and Proportional Relationships, Geometry, Statistics and Probability                                                                                                             

Class Goal: to advance math skills by group collaboration, application, daily practice; gaining competence and perseverance in problem solving by using drawings, models, charts, tables, & graphs; communicating reasoning through writing, explaining, adjusting, and justifying solutions; communicating process and solutions in discussions and oral presentations; improving mental math skills through number talks; as well as procedural algebraic skills using models and paper & pencil.  

 Textbook and Homework Web Support: CPM Core Connections Course 2:  Students should have registered an ebook account at and have access to all materials online including homework "hints." See instructions to set up account on Mrs. Jacobson’s web page.                       


*Daily Practice, Problem Solving, and Investigations 35%: Expect homework Monday through Thursday. Yes, you can and should check hints as necessary online and after attempting problems on your own, you may check any given answers on the CPM website.  Used properly, the answers let you know if you understand how to solve the problem. You MUST SHOW ALL WORK !  No work, no credit!                                                                                                                                                                         


Absent?  Math builds upon skills learned in previous lessons. It is very important to try to keep up. At the very least, you should watch the video lessons offered by Khan Academy or Learnzillion  and read through the lessons in every chapter prior to each assignment. Check Mrs. Jacobson’s school loop page by clicking the link to the left of the Sage webpage, try a Buddy phone list or call the school and request homework assignments.                                                                                                                                                                            

*Assessments 65%: Quizzes: A student can retake any quiz during, recess, or lunch for up to B- grade.  You must retake a quiz prior to the unit test! I typically post grades within one to two school days after it is taken. Bookmark Illuminateed and check it weekly! Tests: A student can retake a test for up to passing C- credit.  A test correction is mandatory for a failing grade. I typically post grades one to two days after students take them. Bookmark Illuminateed and check it weekly!                                                                                                                                                

Class Materials: You must bring a quad ruled journal, lined paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, mini stapler, ruler, and an eraser to class each day. You will also need a compass and a protractor. I recommend refillable lead pencils and plenty of replacement lead. It is a good idea to check your backpacks and binders and replenish supplies at least every trimester, or August, November, and March.

Behavioral Expectations:

*Support the Learning Environment!  


*Respect & Courtesy!

*Be Responsible for Your Own Behavior!!


Parent Involvement?

*Bookmark and regularly check my School Loop web page. I will post homework, project, and assessment schedule daily to weekly.  I generally return quizzes and tests within two days after I give them.  Ask to see it or check Illuminateed to see the grades! Any quiz or test correction must be taken within a week after taking it so students learn and are prepared for the next topic.

*Bookmark and check student grades at least once a week on the SVMS Illuminateed - this is particularly important as the year progresses. Students can falter at any time and they need your consistent support and direction to keep them motivated!

 Include your child in the following activities: *Estimate grocery bills *Estimate tax and tips *Estimate discounts and sale price *Let your son or daughter budget and pay for items at a store or meals at restaurants *Talk about interest for bank accounts and loans *Share house blueprints and include your child in cooking, landscaping, home renovations or a build it project *Calculate Unit Rates such as average mile/hour, miles/gallon $/item etc .*Calculate Proportions such as recipe reduction or augmentation *Measure perimeter and calculate area or volume *Play card and dice games!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Class Donations and Needs: *Consider donating materials such as lined paper, pencils, sharpeners, cleaning wipes, Kleenex (I especially appreciate the above!!) and/or rulers, tape measures, yard sticks, compass, protractor, expo markers, pens, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils,erasers, deck of cards, dice, calculators, fun or interesting articles or web pages on math. Or, consider a tax deductible donation to my class account through the office so I can purchase these supplies as necessary.


Home/School Contacts: Please make certain that the school has a current and accurate email address for you at all times!

You may contact me at any time at


Please dlick this link and fill out the google form to confirm you have read this syllabus.


Students learn from their mistakes! So, *Quizzes can be corrected for up to B- credit and *Tests for C-.

Please follow the directions carefully in order to receive the maximum value for the corrections.

*Study your errors and learn the concepts BEFORE you attempt the correction!

*You MUST Keep your original quiz and original work! You will staple your correction on top of it. No quiz/test, no credit!

2) Fold a piece of graph or lined paper into quarters. Four rectangles on the front and four will be on the back. 

3) Number each problem to match the problem from the quiz or test.

4) Correct only one problem per rectangle. You may use more than one rectangle for a longer problem if necessary. Give yourself plenty of room!

5) Show ALL work -completely and correctly- that demonstrates you can solve the problem.

6) Circle your new and correct answer so I can identify it immediately. Include any appropriate nouns or labels. 

7) All numbers must be clearly and neatly written!!!

8) Students take the test again during lunch and must show complete and correct reasoning or solutions to each problem. 


Log into your school google account first!

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