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Science Notebook

Students will need two composition books with 100 pages. Students will need their science notebook in class everyday. Students will be taking notes, answering daily journal questions, drawing pictures and completing lab activities in their notebook. They will use the notebook to study for tests and quizzes and it will count towards 20% of their grade.

Science 6 Fish

Course Description

Science Course

SVMS is following the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In 6th grade we investigate the scientific process, energy, weather and climate, human impact on the environment, climate change, heredity, and the structures and process of organisms. Science is an activity-based class where we will be conducting experiments, researching, presenting, and doing lab activities.

Science Homework, Tests & Quizzes, and Notebook

Students will need to keep an organized science notebook of class activities, notes, and handouts. It will be used as a study tool for tests and quizzes, as well as graded at the end of each unit. Expect science homework one or two times per week. Every Wednesday students will be given a short quiz on the material we are currently studying. Most quiz questions come from the daily FISH journal questions.  A test will be given at the end of each unit.

40% of total grade – tests and quizzes

40% of total grade – assignments 

20% of total grade – notebook

Test and Quiz Corrections

After receiving your test or quiz back, if your grade is a D or F on the quiz, or if your grade is a C-F on a test, you should …

  1. Take out a blank sheet of binder paper and title it Corrections. Make sure your name, date and period are in the upper write-hand corner.

  2. For each question that you got docked points for (even if you got partial credit), write out a completed correct answer including rewriting the question.

  3. Staple your test to your original test/quiz! This is required. Turn in your quiz corrections by the end of the unit and your test corrections no later than one week after the test is given.



a fish in the ocean
Yosemite Picture
Studying for Tests & Quizzes

Every Wednesday students have a science quiz. Quiz questions come from the daily FISH journal questions that students complete in class in their notebook. Students should study their journal questions for each quiz. A unit test is given every 3-5 weeks. Students will be given a review sheet the week before the test to help focus their studying. They should also study their FISH journal questions, quizzes on the current unit, and the notes in their notebook. Students should make flashcards from their quizzes and review sheet to help them study.