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Math 6 A. Serigstad


All assignments will be posted on the 6th Grade Website and Google Classroom.


Students should use Google Classroom to check the Answers to their homework each night!


Quiz and Test Corrections

How to Make Quiz/Test Corrections


After receiving your test back, you should …

  • Take out a blank sheet of binder paper and title it Corrections. Make sure your name, date and period are in the upper right-hand corner.
  • For each question that you missed, write out how to correctly solve the problem, showing all work.
  • Staple your Corrections to the back of your original test! This one is important!  Show your test corrections to Mr. Serigstad no later than one week after the quiz/test was given back to you.
  • Quizzes are raised to a C grade (70%) and Tests are raised one letter grade.
Welcome to Mr Serigstad's Math Site!



...make mistakes, wear down erasers, examine what we haven't seen, try what we've never done, practice new skills, make friends and make friends better, form new connections inside and out, push our limits, find satisfaction in what we accomplish, grow our minds, see the world differently, become better humans,...

...and never stop learning.

Important Websites!
Google Classroom CPM

Get access to all of your Assignments,

contact your teacher,

and get help from other students!

The Online Textbook!

Interactive problems help!

Math Syllabus

How the overall grade is determined:

Unit/Chapter Tests (50% of grade)
Homework Quizzes (35% of grade)
Homework Packets (15% of grade)

Homework Packets:

Homework will be assigned every day Monday through Thursday. All students will write the homework as well as the test and quiz schedules in their binder reminder each Mondays. All homework assignments can be found in a Homework Packet which is given at the start of the unit.

Students should not work more than 50 min on any night of homework (expected time is 20-30 min, but this varies from student to student). Students are expected to check their answers after completing their homework online on Google Classroom. We will go over the homework the next day to clear up any remaining misunderstandings or difficult problems.Homework Packets will be checked every day. Homework Packets will be turned in on the day of the test for a grade.

Weekly Homework Quizzes:

Homework Quizzes are given on Fridays. Homework Quizzes contain identical questions from the week's assigned homework. Students should review and study the homework they completed for the week before taking a Homework Quiz. 

Students are encouraged to maintain a growth mindset through these quizzes as they chart the steps towards mastery. They are meant to help students target areas of improvement before taking their Unit tests. Poor grades on tests and quizzes should be corrected for better understanding of mistakes and misconceptions. Students should seek out extra help or do extra practice/studying on missed problems and concepts as evidenced by these quizzes.

Unit Tests:

At the end of every unit students will have completed their Homework Packet and they can expect to turn it on the day of the upcoming Unit Test. Unit Tests will primarily encompass the concepts from the chapter of the textbook that was just completed but may include some things from other chapters as well.

Before the test is given, students are given a practice test beforehand. The problems on these practice tests are the same kinds of problems that will be given on the actual Unit Test. Therefore, students are highly encouraged to complete their practice test several times until they know what to do for every problem on the actual Unit Test. Answer keys to the practice test and links to print out additional copies as needed are available on Google Classroom. 

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Class Supplies List

All Students will need these things in their backpack every day...

  • A “Quad-Ruled” (graph paper) Composition Book (This will be our Math Notebook and is VERY important! This can be found at Business With Pleasure in Scotts Valley).

  • Lots of Pencils, Erasers, and Binder Paper (you don't have to bring all of your pencils each day, but make sure you have PLENTY of extras at home!)

  • Access to the Internet outside of school (please contact your teacher if you are concerned about this expectation)

  • A Basic Calculator

  • A math section in students’ binder.

Parent Guide

You can download our textbook's "Parent Guide" if any of the math looks unfamiliar to you when you are trying to help out your student with math class!


Parent Guide!

How To Use the Online Textbook

Here's a video explaining how to use the Online Textbook or "eBook"!